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The F125 'Spirit' was introduced by EMD in May 2013, when it signed an agreement with launch customer Metrolink for the delivery of ten 200km/h locomotives with an option for ten more. Not only was it EMD's first new passenger diesel design for the domestic market since 20 years, the F125 was also the first Tier 4 compliant passenger diesel developed by the American manufacturer. Tier 4 emission legislation is comparable to Stage IIIb emission standards in the European Union.


The first locos were ordered through the Southern California Regional Rail Authority and the option for ten more was excercised quickly, raising the total number of units on order to twenty. In 2015, a further nine were ordered using a state grant of $41.2m from the Transit & Intercity Rail Capital Program as part of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Metrolink's fleet plan foresees the purchase of 40 locomotives in total, dependent of additional funds becoming available. Entry into service is planned for the end of 2016, whilst the additional 9 locos are to be delivered in 2017.


The locomotives are not entirely built in the USA. The bodies of the locomotives come from Spain where they are produced by Vossloh España (now Stadler Rail Valencia). In Muncie, IN, further assembly takes place at the Progress Rail works.


Production List

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
Progress Rail 20126849-001 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 903 2 pictures(s) available
Progress Rail 20126849-002 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 904
Progress Rail 20126849-003 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 905 2 pictures(s) available
Progress Rail 20126849-004 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 906
Progress Rail 20126849-005 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 907
Progress Rail 20126849-006 2016 F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 908
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Co'Co'-de Metrolink 909
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 910
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 911
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 912
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 913
Progress Rail ? 201x F125 Bo'Bo'-de Metrolink 914