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In Januari 2015, Vossloh España announced that VFLI ordered two EURO 4000 locomotives. It concerned the two EURO 4000 locomotives used for the Marathon Project. In April 2016, a further three locomotives were ordered by the French operator.


The company also placed orders for six locomotives in 2012 (E4017-E4022) and for a further six (E4043-E4048) in January 2015, but these are owned by Beacon Rail Leasing. More info about these locos can be found in the Beacon Rail Leasing EURO 4000 section: link


Fleet list

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
Vossloh 4027 2014 EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de VFLI E4027 27 pictures(s) available
Vossloh 4028 2014 EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de VFLI E4028 18 pictures(s) available Revisions available
Stadler 2886 2016 EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de VFLI E4049 7 pictures(s) available
Stadler ? 201x EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de VFLI E4050
Stadler ? 201x EURO 4000 Co'Co'-de VFLI E4051