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More Class 68s and 88s arrive in the UK, Colas Rail receives 2x Class 70

Home GE Transportation PowerHaul PH37ACmi (UK) Colas Rail More Class 68s and 88s arrive in the UK, Colas Rail receives 2x Class 70

On 30 March 2017, the MV Atlantic was unloaded at the Port of Workington. The first loco to touch down on British soil was 68026, followed by 88007, 68027, 88010, 88009 and 88006 in that order. DRS 66421 subsequently transported the locos to the DRS depot at Carlisle Kingmoor. Here, the two Class 68s will receive their decals and all will be prepared to enter service.

DRS was not the only operator to receive new locomotives. A day earlier, Colas Rail 70811 and 70813 were unloaded from the Atlantic Star onto the docks at Liverpool Seaforth. On the 30th, the two PowerHaul locos were lifted of their transit trailers onto the tracks. The recently delivered 70812 has entered service in the mean time, whilst 70814-817 have started their journey to the UK.

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