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The ER20 001 lost its Asien-Europe-Express-inscriptions and was presented at 20.05.2004 in Hersbruck as the new loco for IGE Bahntouristik. The loco now carries IGE-logos and inscriptions of the TV-programm "Eisenbahn-Romantik".

By this presentation the ER20 was accompagnied by the ES64U2 033 and the brand new ES64F4 006, numbered 189-906RT at the fronts. For the record, the ES64F4 001 is numbered 189-901RC.

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Per 19.05.2004 the OBB 2016-locos of the second batch (2016 071-100) have their approval for Austria, so now they can go into service! Completed untill now were the 2016 071, 073-087. The 2016 072 is rented out to the PRESS and is still in Germany. Soon the rest of the locos will follow, except for the 2016 090, which will be delivered to the StLB as 2016 901. The gap that the 2016 090 leaves behind will be filled by another loco later this year.
In June 2004 the PRESS will get its own Eurounner-loco. The engine will be painted blue and numbered 253 014. - KAR
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