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2017-09-06 - [GB] DRS 68021 in TPE livery as modifications continue

Home News Archive 2017-09-06 - [GB] DRS 68021 in TPE livery as modifications continue

DRS 68022 is one of 14 Class 68 locomotives earmarked for TPE operations. Picture by Owen Evans.

DRS 68021 'Tireless' has been restyled into Transpennine Express (TPE) livery at Crewe Gresty Bridge, where Stadler performs modifications to the locos earmarked for TPE operations, enabling them to run with the new Mk.5A coaches being built by CAF. In an interview held in May 2017, TPE states that it will hire 14 locomotives from DRS. The locos involved are 68019-68032. Two locomotives will be shipped to the European mainland, where they will take part in an extensive dynamic testing programme together with the new coaches at the VUZ Velim test ring in the Czech Republic. With the first set of coaches planned to be completed in the third quarter of 2017, the start of testing operations is coming closer.

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