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The production of locomotives by what is nowadays called Vossloh Espaņa has a large history and is closely related to other manufacturers such as GM/EMD, who have been an important (engine) partner for years now. Before the acquisition by Vossloh AG the company was known under many different names. Therefore one will also see other names than Vossloh in the production overview lists in this section. The list below provides some clarification on the previous names of the company.


1897: Founded as Talleres Devis
1927: => Construcciones Devis
1947: => MACOSA (Material y Construcciones S.A.)
1989: Sold to GEC Alsthom (1998 => Alstom)
1989: => Meinfesa (Mediterranea de Industrias del Ferrocarril S.A.)
2005: Sold to Vossloh AG
2005: => Vossloh Espaņa / Vossloh Rail Vehicles
2015: Sold to Stadler Rail
2015: => Stadler Rail Valencia

EURO platform

EURO 4000
EURO 3200
ASIALIGHT (concept)

Prima platform

Other products