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2017-02-13 - [AT] ÖBB eyes additional EuroRunners

Home 2017-02-13 - [AT] ÖBB eyes additional EuroRunners

ÖBB 2016 006 passes Wien Haidestrasse with a passenger service from Slovakia on August 10, 2015. Picture by András Gál.

A tender has been issued by ÖBB for the acquisition of used EuroRunner locomotives. It concerns 19 used ER20s in total, for which 19 separate trenches have been created. This allows ÖBB to source the locomotives from different operators and leasing companies.

Currently, ÖBB operates a fleet of 100 EuroRunner designated as the Austrian Class 2016, which are used in both passenger and freight operations. Also, ÖBB has 5 ER 20s available through subsidiary Rail Cargo Carrier - PCT. If successful, the acquisition would increase the number of ER 20s within the group to 124, out of 181 locomotives ever built.

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