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2017-12-05 - [EU] Beacon Rail: the big EuroRunner switcheroo

Home 2017-12-05 - [EU] Beacon Rail: the big EuroRunner switcheroo

Beacon Rail Leasing > LOCON ER 20-015 / 311 passes Oberhausen, Abzweig Mathilde with a container train on 21 July 2017. Note the Beacon Intermodal Leasing container directly behind the locomotive. Picture by Ingmar Weidig.

In late-November 2017, we could witness some changes in the Beacon Rail EuroRunner fleet. Two locomotives that had been active in Slovenia for quite some time, suddenly returned to Germany: ER 20-005 and ER 20-010. As of December, the two are in service for German rail freight operator LOCON.

However, the lease of ER 20-005 and ER 20-010 to LOCON sees two other EuroRunners being returned to Beacon Rail: ER 20-013 (LOCON 313) and ER 20-015 (LOCON 311). IGE, who leased ER 20-001 from Beacon Rail, returned its EuroRunner to the lessor too.

New lessee of ER 20-001 and ER 20-015 is South-German passenger operator Die Länderbahn, well-known for its Alex train services. ER 20-001 immediately entered service in its Beacon Rail blue and golden livery. ER 20-015 was taken in first to, as Die Länderbahn states, 'turn it into an Alex locomotive'. At the moment of writing, the current whereabouts of ER 20-013 were not known yet. (Update: ER 20-013 has joined the Die Länderbahn fleet, just like ER 20-001 and 015.

Beacon Rail Leasing > DLB ER 20-001 at Regensburg Hauptbahnhof on 5 December 2017. Picture by Christian Bauer.

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