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2017-10-26 - [CZ] CER Cargo eyes CZ LOKO EffiLiner 1600

Home 2017-10-26 - [CZ] CER Cargo eyes CZ LOKO EffiLiner 1600

CER Cargo 774 714-0 near Dunakeszi on 20 July 2017. Picture by Laszlo Nagy.

On 23 October 2017, Railtrains.sk posted two design impressions on its website, issued by CER Cargo: one of CZ LOKO's EffiLiner 3000 locomotive in the CER blue and yellow colour scheme and one of a CZ LOKO's EffiLiner 1600 (Class 753.6 'Bizon') in the same livery. It has been indicated that company is interested in acquiring such a diesel locomotive from CZ LOKO. CER Cargo has already purchased EffiShunter 1600 locomotive 774 714-0 from the Czech manufacturer.

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