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Future DRS dual-mode locomotive no. 88002 has arrived in the United Kingdom. On board of a vessel named 'Autostar', it came from Spain and to the harbour of Southhampton, where it was disembarked. Here you can see a first image of the locomotive, named 'Prometheus', on its way to Carlisle Kingmoor (by road transport). - BG/BH

Close-up of Fenniarail 101 (ex-744 711) at an unknown location on January 22, 2016. Picture by Fenniarail / Aleksanteri Sumiloff.

On December 23, 2016, Fenniarail reported that it was given an early Christmas gift. A day earlier, cross border transport between Finland and Russia was opened to competition. Fenniarail will take the opportunity to increase its presence in the market and will expand its fleet with a further two locomotives to increase transport capacity. “Finnish rail market is becoming market driven. The new situation in Russian transport has increased customers’ interest towards us. Fenniarail’s new investment improves company’s competitive position”, says Petri Lempiäinen, the chairman of the board of Fenniarail.

Prior to delivery, the future Fenniarail 102 heads past the town of Hradec nad Svitavou while performing a test run on August 22, 2015. Picture by Jiří Štembírek.

The two additional locomotives will be delivered by CZ LOKO again and will be similar to the three Stage IIIa compliant 774.7F locomotives currently in operation. Kimmo Rahkamo, Managing Director of Fennirail says: "“The experience from current locomotives is positive. The user experience and environmental properties are aligned with expectations. The locomotives are operable in the demanding Finnish climate”. Delivery of the locomotives is scheduled for late 2017.

Siemens Vectron DE 247 906 near Zorneding, Germany, on January 11, 2017. Picture by Thomas Stenzel.

Soon, DB Cargo Deutschland will commence operations with four Vectron DE locomotives on long-term hire from Siemens. It has been indicated that the locomotives involved are 247 902-904 and 906, and that all four will enter service in the well-known DB 'Verkehrsrot' livery.

On January 11, loco 247 906 was already out and about, but not yet in service for DB Cargo. Thomas Stenzel was so friendly to let us publish his pictures, as published in this post.

Siemens Vectron 247 906 passing through Aßling, Germany, on 11.01.2017 with a Lokomotion freight train (Kufstein - Munich). Picture by Thomas Stenzel.

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744.101-7 and 741.710-8 after a second test drive from Česká Třebová to Skalice nad Svitavou on January 1, 2017. Picture by Jirka Štembírek.

Busy times at CZ LOKO: EffiShunter 1000 locomotive 744 101-7 made a second test drive together with the future Serfer 741 710-8 on January 13, after a first test run on January 12.

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CZ LOKO 741 737-1 and 741 738-9 at the CZ LOKO works in Česká Třebová. Picture by CZ LOKO.

CZ LOKO has booked even more successes in Italy with its Class 741.7 shunting locomotive. Earlier, the Czech rolling stock manufacturer provided two Class 741.7 locomotives to Dinazzano Po and now it is to provide two of the class to Terminali Italia S.r.l.. Terminali Italia will use them for shunting at its terminal in Verona.

A third Class 741.7 is not to be delivered to Terminali Italia as previously reported. This locomotive is to be delivered to Serfer – Servizi Ferroviari S.r.l., which provides shunting services within the Trenitalia group. It is planned to be stationed in Livorno. It has been indicated that this concerns loco 741 710-8.

A fourth and fifth loco were ordered by rail construction company Costruzioni Ferroviarie Ventura S.r.l. in December 2016. These locomotives are scheduled for delivery in May 2017. When delivered, the number of Class 741.7 in operation in Italy will have risen from two to seven.

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On August 4, 2014, DB Schenker liveried 67027 halts at Leamington Spa while working a Chiltern Railways passenger service. Picture by Peter Lovell.

In October 2016, DB Cargo UK released a notice in which it stated that it would offer two Class 67 locomotives for sale. The locos involved were 67023 (EWS livery) and 67027 (DB Schenker red livery). It has now become apparent that the two diesel locomotives have found a new owner in Colas Rail.

With the acquisition, Colas Rail further expands its locomotive fleet, as it will also take delivery of seven new Class 70 locomotives from GE Transportation this year. 67023 and 67027 are currently receiving maintenance and are expected to be repainted into the well-known orange-yellow-black color scheme. With their high maximum speed of 125mph (200km/h) the locomotives will predominantly be used to provide traction for fast measurement trains.

Built in 2000, the two Class 67s were delivered to English Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS), which leased them from Angel Trains. After an approximate 15 years, ownership of the locomotives transferred to DB Schenker Rail UK (now DB Cargo UK) that had taken over EWS in the meantime.

Having been delivered only recently, 70806 and 70807 run from Liverpool Seaforth to Bescot on May 1, 2014. Picture by William Hunt.

Colas Rail is set to expand its fleet with a further seven type PH37ACmi PowerHaul locomotives. On December 16, 2016, locos 70811 and 70812 (both in an advanced stage of completion) were out on test at the GE Transportation production facility in Erie. Delivery of all seven locomotives is scheduled to take place this year.

Video of the future Colas Rail 70811 and 70812 on test in Erie on December 16, 2016.

With the seven new locomotives, Colas Rail raises the number of PowerHaul locomotives in its fleet to 17. The first ten locomotives in the fleet were delivered to the UK-based operator in 2014. Other than locomotive 70801, the designated 70802-70810 were built and assembled in Erie by GE Transportation. The former was the first PowerHaul locomotive to be assembled by Turkey's Tülomsaş as demonstrator locomotive DE 37001 / 70099.

Demonstrator locomotive 70099 passes Crewe behind a Freightliner Class 66 locomotive on October 23, 2012. Picture by Wolfram Wittsiepe.

A CZ LOKO Class 741.7 locomotive in front of the manufacturer's Ceská Trebova facility. Picture by CZ LOKO.

In 2011, SD - Kolejová doprava (SD-KD) received a first Class 741.7 diesel locomotive from CZ LOKO. After five years, the designated 741 706-6 is no longer the sole representative of its type in SD-KD's fleet. Between October and December 2016, the loco was joined by a further three 741.7 diesels, namely:

741 732-2, delivered 10/2016
741 735-5, delivered 11/2016
741 736-3, delivered 12/2016

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2017-01-02 - Happy New Year :)

Yes, a new year! So many trains to write about, to draw, to take pictures of! We wish you all the best for 2017, and have fun, lots of fun!

Not one, not two, but three DB Cargo UK Class 66 locomotives have been repainted into a full DB red livery: 66128, 66149 and 66150. 66128 and 150 have been repainted in Toton, 66149 at Marcroft in Stoke-on-Trent.

Irish Rail 230 'Abhainn na Bandan / River Bandon' at Dublin Connolly Station in happier times on October 4, 2010. Picture by Thierry Mazoyer.

On June 6, 2013, Irish Rail 230 suffered severe fire damage and the locomotive has been sidelined ever since. However, there have been some indications that Irish Rail is to repair the locomotive using parts from stored class member 211.

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An unknown Prima DE43 C AC / AD43C diesel locomotive awaits delivery to Iran at Belfort, France on June 21, 2002. Picture by Vincent Torterotot.

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has been awarded a contract by Islamic Republic of Iran Railways that will see two AD43C (also known as Prima DE43 C AC) diesel locomotives re-powered with ABC 12DZC diesel engines. The two locomotives will serve as prototype for a larger re-powering programme covering the entire fleet of 100 AD43C locomotives. Part of the programme are not only the supply of the engines, but also fitting them into the locomotives, installing modern air filters and monitoring the re-entry into service of the locos.

The 100 locomotives, of which 20 have been built by Alstom in Belfort, are currently powered Ruston 16K215 diesel engines. Where Ruston produced the first 20 diesel engines itself, the remaining 80 were produced in Iran by Desa under a technology transfer deal which also included the local production of a similar number of AD43C locomotives by Mapna. However, the locomotives, and especially the engines, are subjected to high temperatures and dust, which causes poor availability levels.

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