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07.10.2017 - [PT] Medway E 5035 receives a new name

Home 07.10.2017 - [PT] Medway E 5035 receives a new name

Medway Logistics E 5035 passes Entroncamento on 6 October 2017. Picture by Gonçalo Ribera.

In June 2017, the four Alpha Trains EURO 4000 for Medway Logistics were officially delivered, all in the black and yellow Medway livery and with Medway service numbers and names:

E 5033 'Matilde'
E 5034 'Adriana'
E 5035 'Ana Filipa'
E 5036 'Marina'

In the meantime, E 5035 has been given a different name. Instead of Ana Filipa it is now called Sara.

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