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11.09.2017 - [GB] First official image of DRS 68021 in TPE livery

Home 11.09.2017 - [GB] First official image of DRS 68021 in TPE livery

DRS 68021 'Tireless' in TPE livery at Crewe Gresty Bridge. Picture by First Transpennine Express Ltd.

Last week, we could already report that DRS 68021 had been restyled into Transpennine Express livery. Many have already seen the first 'leaked' images of this locomotive on social media, but now the first official image has been released of the loco in its new guise.

TPE is to operate a fleet of 14 Class 68 locomotives, leased from Direct Rail Services. This concerns locos 68019-68032. Interestingly, there will be some minor differences between 68019-68025, featuring small Vossloh logos in their front panels, and 68026-68032 that don't have these logos, because Vossloh Espaa was taken over by Stadler Rail in the meantime.

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