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10.08.2017 - [GB] GB Railfreight 66723 reliveried

Home 10.08.2017 - [GB] GB Railfreight 66723 reliveried

Temporarily hired to Colas Rail at the time and still in its previous livery, GB Railfreight 66723 'Chinook' passes Paddock Wood on 26 August 2016. Picture by Adam McMillan.

GB Railfreight 66723 'Chinook' has had its livery updated to the latest GB Railfreight color scheme, which does not feature the red and blue roundels anymore since the company was sold by the Europorte Group. The loco is easily recognized by the large yellow Chinook helicopter on its sides and the marking ZA723. A picture of the loco in its new livery can be found here: link.

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