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On 15.03.2017, 245 002 of DB Regio Kempten was on a test run pulling IC 2012 / 2013 from Immenstadt to Stuttgart. The video shows the 2013 service near Bad Grönenbach. Video by Månuel Såttlerssøn

DB Regio currently has three new TRAXX DE Multi-Engine locomotives on order for operation in the south of Germany.

247 907 at Großkorbetha on 1 March 2017, the first day in service for launch customer InfraLeuna. Pictures by Marcel Grauke.

On the first day of March, InfraLeuna took delivery of the Vectron DE locomotive it had on order from Siemens. Meanwhile, the loco has entered service. For now, the loco is still in its plain white Siemens livery.

IL 247 907 at Großkorbetha on 9 March 2017. Picture by Andreas Kloß.

ÖBB 2016 070-1 passes through Braunau am Inn on 22 August 2008. Picture by Gál András.

ÖBB has cancelled its tender for the delivery of 19 used EuroRunner locomotives to further expand its fleet of Class 2016 diesels. As no bids were received, the tender was closed without result.

Update: A new tender has been launched, largely similar to the previous one, and compries: 19 diesel locomotives in separate trenches, used, of the same type. The specific requirement for EuroRunner locomotives has been dropped.

Approximately one month ago, on 23 February 2017, 88003 'Genesis' is lifted onto the Eemslift Nelli. Soon the six Class 88s already in the UK will be joined by the remaining four. Picture by Malcolm Wilton-Jones.

Some short news from Spain regarding the delivery of Class 68 and 88 locomotives to Beacon Rail and DRS. Locomotives 88006 'Juno', 88007 'Electra, 88009 'Diana' and 88010 'Aurora' have been transported to the Port of Sagunto, from where they will be shipped to the United Kingdom. When the locos arrive on British soil, all ten Class 88s will have been delivered to the UK. None have entered service yet, pending certification and dynamic testing.

Not only Class 88s have made it to Sagunto. Among the four bi-modes, there were also two Class 68 locomotives: 68026 and 68027. Both are still in a basic blue livery.

The future Caltrans 2106 at the Siemens works in Sacramento. Picture by Simon Wijnakker.

Siemens USA is currently occupied with several Charger orders. In total, 81 locomotives have been ordered. Of these 81 locos, Caltrans will receive 22 and the first locos are currently being finished. At Siemens' Sacramento plant, a nearly finished 2106 was witnessed outside.

The future Caltrans 2106 at the Siemens works in Sacramento. Picture by Simon Wijnakker.

Artist impression of a EURO DUAL locomotive in HVLE colour scheme. Picture by Stadler Rail.

Stadler Rail Valencia has bagged a first order for EURODUAL locomotives. German rail freight operator Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE) has awarded Stadler a contract for the supply of ten six-axle EURO DUAL locomotives for use in Germany. The locos combine 15kV and 25kV electric with diesel power. In electric mode, a power output of 5.2MW is available, whilst the diesel engine is rated at 2.8MW. Ludolf Kerkeling of HVLE comments: “The demand for six-axle locomotives will grow because of the increasing length and weight of trains.” Martin Wischner of HVLE added: “We need diesel power for the first/last mile but the environmental and economic advantages of electric power are very important for us.”

The deal includes a full service maintenance agreement and is financed by Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing with a tailor-made, asset-based leasing structure. With the order, HVLE becomes the launch customer of the new generation of six-axle bi-mode locomotives developed by Stadler for the European market. The EURO DUAL is available in different configurations and for different gauges and voltage systems. Designed as a highly modular platform, it can be equipped with diesel engines of various power ratings to meet the requirements of individual customers. Furthermore, the EURO DUAL is suitable for both passenger and freight applications at speeds up to 160 km/h.

The first EURO DUAL locomotive is currently being subjected to various tests and has been on trial outside the plant in Albuixech numerous times. Picture by Malcolm Wilton-Jones.

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