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CZ LOKO has released the second of two Class 753.6 locomotives (nickname: Bizon) for Unipetrol Doprava for testing. Numbered 753 607-1, the loco carries the same livery as 753 606-3. On December 12th, the loco was out on a test run.

On 12 December 2017, ten days after entering service, 721T and 722T pass Dvira with an eastbound freight train towards Aro'er. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

Built by TˇV Gredelj, 721T and 722T were the last three of thirteen NGT26CW-3 locomotives to be delivered in September 2017 together with 720T. In early-December 2017, 721T and 722T entered service after receiving mainline approval.

MARC Chargers 80, 81 and 82 on transport together with SEPTA ACS-64 901 behind two Union Pacific diesels near Delle on 3 December 2017. Picture by Matt Liverani of the Desert Empire Project.

The first three Chargers ordered by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) for its MARC (Maryland Area Regional Commuter) services have left the Siemens works in Sacramento. The locos were ordered in 2015 from an option for 225 Charger locomotives, which was included in the multi-state procurement framework launched by the states of Illinois, California, Michigan, Missouri and Washington.

Israel Railways 747, here still in its original livery, picks up 3 NGT26CW-3 locomotives at the Port of Haifa on 11 September 2017. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

Israel Railways JT42BW locomotive 747 is currently being repainted and will be outshopped in a different livery than the original red-white-blue as shown on the picture above. The exact livery that is being applied remains unknown for now. To be continued.

ER 20-013 in its new 'bodo' promotional livery at Regensburg Hauptbahnhof on 9 December 2017. Picture by Christian Bauer.

Having been hired from Beacon Rail Leasing only recently (together with ER 20-001 and 015), Die Länderbahn's ER 20-013 is now underway in a special promotional livery for bodo, which is short for Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsverbundgesellschaft GmbH. Both sides of the locomotive feature a different scene. One shows the Bodensee, while the other features the green hills in front of the Alps. According to DLB, also ER 20-015 is to be given a new livery, but we have learned this will be restricted to the application of Alex logos. The same treatment is foreseen for ER 20-001 and MRCE's ER 20-007. The four locos are to free up more original ALEX locos leased from Alpha Trains, enabling a more frequent service between Münich and Prague.

DLB ER 20-015 with ALEX logos and Bahnland Bayern stickers at München Hauptbahnhof on 11 December 2017. Picture by Christian Tscharre.

DLB ER 20-015 with ALEX logos and Bahnland Bayern stickers at München Hauptbahnhof on 11 December 2017. Picture by Christian Tscharre.

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Picture by Brightline.

The launch of scheduled operations coming closer, Brightline is readying equipment and personnel by commencing simulated services. The testing programme will comprise running up to ten trains per day between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Brightline eyes the launch of scheduled services between the two cities at some point in December 2017, with Miami being connected in the near future. The image above shows Brightline's full fleet, consisting of five uniquely liveried trainsets of two Siemens Charger passenger diesels and four Siemens Viaggio Comfort USA coaches.

Vectron DE locomotive 247 905 at the Stern & Hafferl depot in Eferding on 28 November 2017. Picture by Siemens.

On 2 December, we could already report that Stern & Hafferl had acquired Vectron DE locomotive 247 905 from Siemens. The, manufacturer released a first official image of Stern & Hafferl's newly acquired locomotive, decorated with the operator's logos. The contract for the locomotive was signed in the Autumn of 2017 and the locomotive, which left the Siemens works on 28 November, is to be handed over officially at some point in December.

The locomotive has a maximum speed of 160 km/h and a power output of 2400 kW. This makes it faster and more powerful than the four EuroRunners already in Stern & Hafferl's fleet. These have a maximum speed of 140 km/h and a power output of 2000 kW. The company's choice for the Vectron DE was an easy one, because the locomotive still shares many proven concepts with the EuroRunner, but also incorporates innovations such as a cleaner and more quiet diesel engine.

The locomotive has Siemens Trainguard Basic Indusi on board and is equipped for services in Germany and Austria. Eyed operations with the new acquisition include international services between these two countries and, especially, service in the Upper Austria area towards Aschach an der Donau.

2016 913, one of the four Siemens EuroRunner locomotives the Austrian operator already has in its fleet, at Ebensee on 22 September 2017. Picture by Klaus Görs.

For more info, visit Railcolorshop.com.

Beacon Rail Leasing > LOCON ER 20-015 / 311 passes Oberhausen, Abzweig Mathilde with a container train on 21 July 2017. Note the Beacon Intermodal Leasing container directly behind the locomotive. Picture by Ingmar Weidig.

In late-November 2017, we could witness some changes in the Beacon Rail EuroRunner fleet. Two locomotives that had been active in Slovenia for quite some time, suddenly returned to Germany: ER 20-005 and ER 20-010. As of December, the two are in service for German rail freight operator LOCON.

However, the lease of ER 20-005 and ER 20-010 to LOCON sees two other EuroRunners being returned to Beacon Rail: ER 20-013 (LOCON 313) and ER 20-015 (LOCON 311). IGE, who leased ER 20-001 from Beacon Rail, returned its EuroRunner to the lessor too.

New lessee of ER 20-001 and ER 20-015 is South-German passenger operator Die Länderbahn, well-known for its Alex train services. ER 20-001 immediately entered service in its Beacon Rail blue and golden livery. ER 20-015 was taken in first to, as Die Länderbahn states, 'turn it into an Alex locomotive'. At the moment of writing, the current whereabouts of ER 20-013 were not known yet. (Update: ER 20-013 has joined the Die Länderbahn fleet, just like ER 20-001 and 015.

Beacon Rail Leasing > DLB ER 20-001 at Regensburg Hauptbahnhof on 5 December 2017. Picture by Christian Bauer.

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The first three Siemens Charger locomotives for MTA, short for Maryland Transit Administration, left the Siemens works in Sacramento on December 1st. The three are the first of eight ordered for use on MARC passenger services.