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SD-Kolejová doprava 741 732-2 at Tušimice on 13 May 2017. Picture by John Teasdale.

With the completion of locomotives 741 743-9 and 741 744-7, CZ LOKO has finished the fifth and sixth of the type respectively for Czech operator SD-Kolejová doprava (SD-KD). The two are part of SD-KD's most recent fleet renewal project, driven by a further increase in transported volumes. The project involved the acquisition of a fifth EffiLiner 1600 diesel locomotive (753 605-5) and the Class 741.7 locomotives in question. The total SD-KD 741.7 fleet now consists of:

741 706-6
741 732-2
741 735-5
741 736-3
741 743-9
741 744-7

741 743-0 and 744-7 have an updated livery, similar to SD-KD 753 605. SD-KD 753 605 with an unidentified class member at on 11 November 2017. Picture by Richard Luzny.

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CZ LOKO741.7

Heading north, Vectron DE locomotive 247 908 passes Augsburg-Oberhausen on 11 November 2017. Picture by Joachim Scharringhausen.

The indicated transfer of 247 908, the first of two Vectron DE locomotives acquired by RDC Autozug Sylt, to Northern Germany in the weekend of 11-12 November was set into motion as planned. Provisionally decorated by small Autozug Sylt logos, the loco will retain its white livery for the time being. The loco will be used for training purposes for several weeks and used in commercial service at year's end at the latest.

247 908 on its way to Northern Germany at Gablingen on 11 November 2017. Picture by Alexander Lindner.

2017-11-12 - [Advertisement]

PKP IC type 6Dl locomotive SU42-1009 at Gdynia Główna on 15 August 2016. Picture by Julian Mandeville.

In August 2017, PKP Intercity issued a tender for the modernization of nine SM42 diesel shunters. It has been indicated now that Newag has been the sole bidder for the contract. It has offered a complete re-building programme, in which only frame and bogies are to be retained. Instead of a single diesel engine, the re-built locomotive will house two smaller ones. A new cab will be positioned in the middle of the vehicle. An option exists to modernize another four locomotives.

The indicated specifications of two diesel engines and a cab positioned in the center of the locomotive, remind us of a proven design, namely the 6Dl. From 2014 until 2015, Newag modernized ten SM 42 locomotives according to the 6Dl design: SU42-1001 - 1010. The 6Dl also houses two Caterpillar C18 diesel engines (Stage IIIb compliant) and has a cab positioned in the center of the locomotive. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this is the case.

Newag has ample experience with the modernization of diesel locomotives (6D and other types) for PKP IC, but also for PKP Cargo and PKP LHS. Combined this concerns 195 locomotives for the whole PKP Group, consisting of:

- 121x 6Dg - PKP Cargo
- 10x 6Dl - PKP IC
- 30x 15D - PKP Cargo
- 7x 16D - PKP LHS
- 10x 18D - PKP IC
- 17x 311Da - PKP LHS

Still on order are also 10 additional Class 311Da locomotive for broad gauge operator PKP LHS. In combination with this new order, the current number of 195 locomotives will grow to 214 and 218 if the option for a further 4 locomotives is exercised by PKP Intercity.

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Vectron DE locomotive 247 908 is one of two locomotives sold to RDC Autozug Sylt. Hired to SBB Cargo International at time, 247 908 'Debbie' awaits its next train at Singen on 22 August 2017. Picture by Thomas Naas.

According to a press announcement issued by RDC Autozug Sylt, Siemens has sold two Vectron DE locomotives to RDC Autozug Sylt for its car shuttle trains between Niebüll and Westerland (Sylt). The first locomotive, numbered 247 908, is to arrive in the weekend of 11-12 November. The loco will be used for training purposes for several weeks and used in commercial service at year's end at the latest. A second Vectron DE locomotive with the number 247 909 will be delivered in June 2018.

Artist impression of a Vectron DE locomotive in the blue Autozug Sylt colour scheme. Image by RDC Autozug Sylt.

C30-M locomotive 1564 and C36-7i 1528 heading a freight train. Picture by CZ LOKO.

Estonian rail freight operator EVR Cargo has ordered the modernization of 19 GE-built C30-7Ai locomotives from CZ LOKO. The modernized version is known as the C30-M and a first locomotive has already been tested on the Estonian network for several months now: loco 1564. The C30-M is powered by a Stage IIIa compliant Caterpillar 3512C engine with a power output of 1,550 kW. Its maximum speed lies at 100 km/h and its maximum tractive effort at 436 kN.

The technical design is not the only thing that has changed. The general appearance of the locomotive has been altered drastically and only the frame and bogies still remind of the original American C30 design. The cab also offers increased visibility compared to that of the C30-7Ai's.

The 19 C30-7Ai diesels currently in EVR Cargo's fleet have an interesting history. The locos were built in the 1980s by GE in Erie as C30-7A. As such, the locos were originally delivered to Conrail. Subsequently, the locomotives ended up with CSX and Norfolk Southern. In 2003, they were re-built into C30-7Ai and delivered to EVR.

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EffiLiner 1600 locomotive 753 606-3 at Litvínov-Záluží with an Unipetrol Class 753.7 locomotive in the background. Picture by CZ LOKO.

Unipetrol Doprava, the Czech Republic's largest petrochemical group, has expanded its locomotive fleet with the handover of EffiLiner 1600 locomotive 753 606-3. Nicknamed Bizon, the EffiLiner 1600 houses a Stage IIIa compliant Caterpillar 3512 C-HD engine delivering 1,550 kW. 753 606-3 is not the only Bizon that will be added to Unipetrol's fleet. A second Bizon is to be delivered before the end of the year and options exist fur the purchase of a further two of the type.

Video of the handover of Unipetrol's first EffiLiner 1600 locomotive. Video by Unipetrol.

2017-11-03 - [Advertisement]

Caltrans Chargers have started to lead the Amtrak Capital Corridor services between San Jose and Sacramento. For the time being, the locomotives are still backed up by other locomotives. The type could be seen on Capital Corridor trains for a while now, but always behind other locos.

Video of CDTX 2106 leading a Capital Corridor service by Youtube user Sky Rider.

DB Cargo UK 67021 heads the Belmond British Pullman through Borough Green as train 1Y46 London Victoria - Folkestone West on 29 October 2017. Picture by Howard Lewsey.

Having been re-painted into brown and cream Pullman colours at the DB Cargo workshop in Toton, 67021 and 67024 have now made their debut on the Belmond British Pullman, working train 1Y46 London Victoria - Folkestone West on 29 October 2017.

DB Cargo UK 67024 on the back of the Belmond British Pullman as it passes through Borough Green as train 1Y46 London Victoria - Folkestone West on 29 October 2017. Picture by Howard Lewsey.