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CZ LOKO has finished a fifth EffiLiner 1600 locomotive. Similar to the previous four locomotives, it has been sold to Czech rail freight operator SD - Kolejová doprava. The loco is equipped with a CAT 3512 C-HD engine, delivering 1550 kW. The loco is in a slightly different livery, having bigger white beams on its sides.

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Duslo 744 709-7 on test near Detva on 17 July 2017. Picture by Rado Archnalej.

Already some time ago, Slovakia's Duslo a.s. ordered the modernization of two old T 448 diesel locomotives. In June 2016, the designated T 448.0856 and T 448.0523 arrived at the ZOS Zvolen works to be rebuilt into Class 744.7 locomotives: 744 709 and 744 710 (we're still trying to find out which loco has become which exactly). These pictures from July 17th show that at least 744 709-7 has emerged from the ZOS Zvolen works now.

The service numbers of the locomotives follow those of the Slovnaft 744.7s (744 704-708). In Slovakia, no 744 701-703 exist as the Slovnaft locomotives used to be in sequence with the three 744.7 locomotives delivered by CZ LOKO (and predecessors) to Czech customers. However, European Vehicle Numbers allow for overlapping internal vehicle numbers because the locomotives are registered in different countries and thus have different registration numbers. As a result, 744 704-8 and 744 705-5 exist both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. An overview:

Czech Republic - CZ LOKO and predecessors - 92 54 2:
744 701-4 Unipetrol Doprava
744 702-2 SD - Kolejová Doprava
744 703-0 SD - Kolejová Doprava
744 704-8 CZ LOKO > Erdemir (TR)
744 705-5 CZ LOKO > Erdemir (TR)

Slovakia - ZOS Zvolen - 92 56 1:
744 704-8 Slovnaft (744 728-7)
744 705-5 Slovnaft (744 953-1)
744 706-3 Slovnaft (744 886-3)
744 707-1 Slovnaft (744 827-7)
744 708-9 Slovnaft (744 731-1)
744 709-7 Duslo
744 710-5 Duslo

Not only the numbers of the locomotives may cause confusion, there are some substantial differences between the designs of both manufacturers now. Originally a Czech project, ZOS Zvolen produced the locomotive for Slovnaft based on the Czech design. But, as could be seen with the CZ LOKO 744.7 locomotives for Erdemir, the design has been updated, featuring elements of CZ LOKO's 741.7 locomotives. However, the Duslo locomotives produced by ZOS Zvolen are still closely related to the original 744.7 design, having, for example, older engines (Stage II instead of Stage IIIa).

Duslo 744 709-7 on test near Detva on 17 July 2017. Picture by Rado Archnalej.

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Temporarily hired to Colas Rail at the time and still in its previous livery, GB Railfreight 66723 'Chinook' passes Paddock Wood on 26 August 2016. Picture by Adam McMillan.

GB Railfreight 66723 'Chinook' has had its livery updated to the latest GB Railfreight color scheme, which does not feature the red and blue roundels anymore since the company was sold by the Europorte Group. The loco is easily recognized by the large yellow Chinook helicopter on its sides and the marking ZA723. A picture of the loco in its new livery can be found here: link.

Israel Railways 717T still carries its temporary Croatian designation 98 78 2063 154-5 as it is being unloaded at the port of Haifa on 6 August 2017. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

Together with partner NREC, TŽV Gredelj has commenced the delivery of new NGT26CW-3 diesel locomotives to Israel Railways. On August 6, the first four of seven additional locomotives were unloaded at the port of Haifa and subsequently forwarded between locos 704 and 1407 for further commissioning. Delivery of the remaining three locomotives is scheduled to take place in early-September.

With the arrival of the four locomotives, Israel Railways' fleet of the type grows to ten. In 2015, the first six locomotives were delivered to Israel, designated 710T-715T. At the time, it was already indicated that if the locos proved successful, the options for a further six locos would be exercised. It now seems that an additional locomotive has been ordered on top of the six optional locomotives originally envisaged.

On August 6, Israel Railways EURO 4000 locomotive 1407 is almost ready to depart from the port of Haifa with the four newly arrived locomotives, as Prima 704 is prepared to be attached to the back of the train for additional braking power. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

DB Cargo UK 66132 heading a steam charter past Newton St. Cyres on 10 March 2013. Picture by Peter Lovell.

Further rationalization of DB Cargo UK's fleet is currently taking place with 10 Class 66 locomotives being offered for sale. It concerns locomotives 66008, 66016, 66046, 66058, 66081, 66132, 66141, 66184, 66238 and 66250. More information regarding the sale can be found on the DB Cargo UK website.

RheinCargo DE 62 at the RheinCargo workshop in Brühl-Vochem on 27 July 2017. Picture by Jörg van Essen.

RheinCargo DE 62 has lost its HGK livery and has seen it exchanged for the RheinCargo company colors.

DRS 66301 at Carlisle Kingmoor TMD on 22 July 2017. Picture by John Whittingham.

On July 22, DRS organized an open day at Carlisle Kingmoor TMD. During the open day, loco 66301 was named after the depot, receiving plates with the name 'Kingmoor TMD'. 66301 is the first DRS Class 66 to be named since the type entered traffic with the British operator.

DRS 66301 at Carlisle Kingmoor TMD on 22 July 2017. Picture by John Whittingham.

ECR 66209 at Les Aubrais-Orléans on 29 April 2016. Picture by Thierry Mazoyer.

It has been indicated that France's Compagnie ferroviaire régionale (CFR) will be making use of ECR Class 66 locomotive 66209. The use of Class 66 locomotives is part of a larger rental scheme, which sees several ECR Class 66 locomotives hired by RégioRail, which manages not only CFR, but also Ouest Rail, RégioRail Provence, RégioRail Lorraine, RégioRail Rhône-Alpes, RégioRail Sud de France.

Despite an earlier arrival of the Eemslift Ellen at the Port of Workington, unloading of the last three Class 68 locomotives ordered by Direct Rail Services from Stadler (through Beacon Rail) did not take place until Monday 24 July. After unloading, 68032-034 were transferred to DRS' Carlisle Kingmoor depot by DRS 'oldie' 57007.

The final locomotive of the third batch (68032) and the two locos of the fourth batch (68033-034) ordered by Direct Rail Services through Beacon Rail Leasing have been released from the Stadler Rail Valencia works in Albuixech. In the meantime, the locos have made it onto the Eemslift Ellen after being moved to the port of Sagunto.

At the time of writing, the Eemslift Ellen was sailing the Irish Sea, being only hours away from its destination: the Port of Workington. The ship's journey can be tracked here: link.

Slowly but steadily, DB Cargo UK is repainting its fleet of Class 66 locomotives into company colors. Both DB Cargo UK's 66018 and 66230 have lost their EWS livery, which is currently being replaced by a DB red one.

GB Railfreight 66778 at Peterborough on 16 July 2017. Picture by Howard Lewsey.

During a charity tour run by GB Railfreight on 15 July 2017, 66778 was named 'Darius Cheskin' at Cleethorpes station. GB Railfreight about the story behind 66778's new name:

A few months ago we auctioned off the opportunity to choose a name for one of our locomotives, with the proceeds being donated to our nominated charities. The auction winner was Mike Cheskin, a life long rail enthusiast from Charfield, Gloucestershire. Mike sadly lost one of his sons Darius in 2004 to a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. Mikes other son has since named his 7 year old grandson after him and Darius Junior is also an avid rail fan.

So when our staff charter train arrived in Cleethorpes on Saturday with Mike and his grandson on board, Darius was asked to uncover the nameplates on 66778, and was somewhat surprised at what he found underneath! Mike and Darius Cheskin are pictured here shortly after the unveiling and we're very grateful to Mike for a very generous donation to our charity fund:

Nearing completion, Fenniarail 104 is seen at the CZ LOKO works in Jihlava. Picture by CZ LOKO.

On 19 July 2017, CZ LOKO announced that it had released Fenniarail's fourth EffiShunter 1600 locomotive from its works and that it had started its journey to Finland.

Captrain 6603 hauls Benelux 'Hondekop' 220.902 trough Nispen on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

On July 14th, Captrain Class 66 loco 6603 was used to transport EMU 220.902, the last remaining 'Benelux' Hondekop, to the Netherlands. Having retrieved the unit in Leuven, Belgium, it was transported to Roosendaal in the Netherlands, where it will be restored by the Stichting Hondekop. 220.902 is planned to be restored to running order, allowing it to be run on both Belgian and Dutch rails once again.

Captrain 6603 and Benelux 'Hondekop' 220.902 in Roosendaal on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.

Captrain 6603 in Roosendaal on 14 July 2017. Picture by Henk Zwoferink.