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DB Cargo UK 67021 and 024 have been re-styled into the chocolate and cream VSOE Pullman livery at the DB Cargo workshop in Toton. Pictures of the two locomotives in their new guise can be found here and here.

753 606-3 for Unipetrol Doprava on test at Česká Třebová on 12 October 2017. Picture by TomᚠDohnal.

After the roll-out of 753 601-603 in 2012 and 753 604 in 2013, which are all in service for SD-KD now, it became quiet for a few years. This changed with the delivery of 753 605 to SD-KD in August 2017 and now the story continues with locomotive 753 606. On 12 October, it was seen on test in the colors of Unipetrol Doprava. It has been indicated that the operator will receive two of the type and that it has options for another two locomotives.

Medway Logistics E 5035 passes Entroncamento on 6 October 2017. Picture by Gonçalo Ribera.

In June 2017, the four Alpha Trains EURO 4000 for Medway Logistics were officially delivered, all in the black and yellow Medway livery and with Medway service numbers and names:

E 5033 'Matilde'
E 5034 'Adriana'
E 5035 'Ana Filipa'
E 5036 'Marina'

In the meantime, E 5035 has been given a different name. Instead of Ana Filipa it is now called Sara.

DB-red 66058 is one of the locos that was offered for sale by DB Cargo UK in August 2017 and is here seen at Brocklesby on 25 August 2015. Picture by David Kelham.

In August 2017, DB Cargo UK offered a batch of ten Class 66 locomotives for sale as part of a fleet rationalization. The ten involved were 66008, 66016, 66046, 66058, 66081, 66132, 66141, 66184, 66238 and 66250. It has now been indicated that GB Railfreight is in the process of acquiring the ten locomotives from DB Cargo and that the deal is to be finalized in the very near future.

GB Railfreight 66725 passes Northfleet as the 0Y63 Eastleigh Works - Hoo Junction. Picture by Adam McMillan.

GBRf 66725 has been repainted into the latest GB Railfreight livery by Arlington Fleet Services at Eastleigh Works. Previously, it carried the defunct First GBRf livery.

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Ventura Costruzioni 741 742-1 and 741 741-3 at Česká Třebová on 27 May 2017. Picture by Dalibor Palko.

At the Expo Ferroviaria 2017 trade fair in Milan, CZ LOKO could announce that its Class 741.7 locomotive had received full approval by ANSF (Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza delle Ferrovie). The approval concerns the certification of the type according to the ANSF 1/2015 decree for the approval of shunting locomotives.

Several Italian operators have decided to add the type to its fleet in recent years, steadily raising the number of Class 741.7 locomotives in Italy to seven. Recently, Dinazzano Po decided to expand its 741.7 fleet to four by ordering another two locomotives, to be delivered in early-2018. Earlier, it had already decided to extend the initial two-year hire contract of the first two machines by another two years, after which it will purchase the locomotives from CZ LOKO. An overview of all 741.7 locomotives currently in Italy:

Dinazzano Po: 741 701-7 and 707-4 (2 more on order)
SerFer: 741 710-8
Terminali Italia: 741 737-1 and 738-9
Francesco Ventura Costruzioni Ferroviarie: 741 741-3 and 741 742-1

Dinazanno Po 741 701-7 and 741 707-4 await further transport into Italy at the Italian border station of Brennero as part of their delivery on 13 March 2015. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.

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Freightliner PL's fleet of Class 66 locomotives is growing steadily. As of October 2017, the operator has ex-Ascendos Rail Leasing PB 08 on lease from Beacon Rail Leasing.

2017-10-03 - [Advertisement]

744 101-7 in Milan on 3 October 2017. Picture by CZ LOKO.

At the Expo Ferroviaria in Milan, CZ LOKO showcases EffiShunter 1000 locomotive 744 101-7 in the colors of SerFer. In April 2017, CZ LOKO was awarded an order by SerFer for the delivery of five EffiShunter 1000 locomotives with an option for five more. The fully TSI-compliant diesels will be equipped with Caterpillar C32 engines, delivering 895 kW. The locos will have a maximum speed of 100 km/h and will be equipped with the Italian train protection system BL3, enabling their use on shunting and mainline operations. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in February 2018.

On 24 September 2017, 723 705-0 could be viewed in Česká Třebová. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.

CZ LOKO has delivered another EffiShunter 500 (Czech 723.7 series) to the Třinecké Železárny steelworks, in the shape of loco 723 705-0. TŽ now operates three of the type: 723 701-9, 723 703-5 and 723 705-0.

On 24 September 2017, 723 705-0 could be viewed in Česká Třebová. Picture by Thomas Wohlfarth.