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Some time ago, Dutch railfreight operator Rotterdam Rail Feeding released some pictures of Beacon Rail Class 66 locomotive 561-03 receiving the Genesee & Wyoming livery with large Rail Feeding logos. Due to some issues with the on-board ETCS the loco's entry into service was delayed, but soon the locomotive will enter service in its new guise. Special thanks to Maarten Schoubben for contributing this great picture.

During a private ceremony, GBRf 66748 was named 'West Burton 50' at West Burton Power Station on September 13.

It has been indicated that Vectron DE locomotive 247 903 is currently used by LOCON on ballast trains. The result is very photogenic train consisting of a white locomotive and white GATX wagons.

(Andreas Meier)

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(Thomas Wohlfarth)

DRS 66305 is the first of five Class 66/3 locomotives leased from Beacon Rail Leasing to have been repainted into the basic colour scheme we know from various Class 66/4 locomotives in service for the British operator now. Special thanks to Andrew Cameron for the image.

DB Cargo UK has repainted Class 66 locomotives 66055 and 66066 into what is called 'Verkehrsrot' in Germany (with large white DB logos) at its Toton works. Subsequently, the two locos were named Alain Thauvette and Geoff Spencer in Doncaster. Alain Thauvette is Head of DB Cargo’s Region West, which includes DB Cargo UK, ECR France and Spain, as well as Transfesa. He is also CEO of DB Cargo UK and President of Euro Cargo Rail France. Geoff Spencer is the current CEO of DB Cargo (UK) Ltd.

We are still looking for good images of these locos in their new liveries. Can you help us out? Curious what the locos look like? These images (link and link) give you a good impression.

(Christian Klotz / Thomas Wohlfarth)

GBRf 66727 has been repainted into Maritime livery by Arlington at Eastleigh Works. Maritime Transport is a provider of supply chain services, such as warehousing, railport services and container transport.

On September 20, the locomotives was named 'Maritime One' at the Birmingham Intermodal Freight Terminal, which is located at the Birch Coppice Business Park. The terminal is one of the terminals in the UK managed by Maritime.

(Richard Gennis / Pete Loveday / Adam Scoggins)

Beacon Rail and VFLI have welcomed a new locomotive to their respective fleets: E4047. The locomotive is the fifth of an order for six EURO 4000 locomotives (E4043-4048) leased by VFLI from Beacon Rail Leasing. Another three locomotives (E4049-E4051) have been ordered directly by VFLI from Stadler Rail Valencia.

Special thanks to Nicolas Villenave for the images.

A minor livery change for DB Cargo 66185, which was to be expected after the recent name change from DB Schenker Rail UK to DB Cargo UK. Of its former DB Schenker logos only the DB logos remain. An image of the loco can be found here: link.

CZ LOKO has built a new diesel locomotive: the EffiShunter 1000. Numbered 744 101 (an image can be found here), the locomotive is the prototype of a new generation of EffiShunter locomotives that follows on the 744.0 series locomotive, presented at InnoTrans 2012. In contrast to predecessor 744 001-9, the new EffiShunter 1000 is fully TSI approved and is available in both a 1435 mm and a 1520 mm version.

The new locomotive is equipped with a Caterpillar C32 engine, which delivers 895kW and complies with Stage IIIb emission rules. It was completed in the second half of August at the CZ LOKO works in Česká Třebová and subsequently tested around Velim. It has been indicated that the locomotive will also make its appearance at InnoTrans in Berlin.

On September 13, InnoTrans welcomed the first train on its outdoor exhibition grounds. The day before, the first true InnoTrans convoy could be sighted. Every edition, these special convoys consist of rail vehicles that we will probably never see again together. This convoy consisted of RailAdventure 139 558 and 103 222 top-and-tailing the convoy, with in between a Velaro for Turkey, a new metro train for Riyadh, a Desiro City for SWT and Class 88 locomotive 88003.

Today, we received this splendid image by Jiří Štembírek of CZ LOKO 774 714-0 in service for SD - Kolejová doprava a.s., while it passes Lužná u Rakovníka on September 12. Earlier, the locomotive has seen relatively short use by LTE and PSŽ.

Continuing its journey towards Berlin, DRS 88003 was seen in Oberhausen by Rolf Alberts today (September 12).

Special thanks to Tuukka Varjoranta, who has sent us these picture from the north of Europe. The images show Fenniarail freight train T7003 from Kouvola freight yard, arriving to final destination Riihimäki freight yard with CZ LOKO built type 774.7F locos 101 and 102. This freight continues to the north of Finland to Isokylä, Kemijärvi as train T7005 on Monday September 12.

On July 27, Fenniarail's first regular freight train was loaded in Kemijärvi as part of a contract with Lappi Timber Oy. Under the agreement, the Finnish private operator runs trains from Lappi Timber Oy's production plants in Kemijärvi to ports of Oulu and Kotka. Transport volumes are expected to increase throughout the remainder of 2016 and 2017, thanks to capacity increases at the Lappi Timber production facilities. Having received its operating license in March 2015, Fenniarail is the first private operator in Finland.

A long tradition comes to an end. In 2018 Alstom will close its locomotive manufacturing facilities in Belfort. The newest products from Belfort are new power cars for TGV high speed trains (SNCF and ONCF) and the electric locomotives for Kazakhstan.

It is not a secret Alstom has not been able to develop a competing locomotive platform for the European market, a type that could compete with Siemens' Vectron and Bombardier's TRAXX. With the PrimaII it was not possible to attract European customer until now. The production of its predecessor (Prima) ended in 2010 (electrics) and 2012 (diesels).

Does this mean Alstom will not produce locomotives anymore? Of course not. Soon it will start production of the 4-axle H4 machines with center-cab design for the SBB. More orders for this type are being rumored. SNCF Infra and RATP could be interested in these hybrids. Also, Alstom was able to fetch a large locomotive contract for the railways in India. The first units of this order will still come from Belfort, so was stated. And don't forget there is still Stendal in Germany, where small scale production takes place of H3 shunter locomotives.

But after 2018, locomotive production in France will take place at Alstom's in Reichshoffen (FR). Alstom says it is a strategic decision as it is experiencing a considerable drop in sales, forcing the company to reduce its production capacity in France. Reportedly, Reichshoffen is already underemployed, so it could use extra work. As of 2018, Belfort will focus solely on locomotive maintenance and servicing, which means 400 of 480 jobs will be lost. However, all employees will offered a new job at one of Alstom's other production facilities.

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After a long period during which Crossrail Benelux provided traction for HSL freight trains into Belgium, HSL Logistik subsidiary HSL Belgium has now started operating these trains itself. The picture shows locomotive 653-07 (the former RheinCargo DE 685, leased from Beacon Rail), passing Glons with an empty car train from Zeebrugge to Aachen-West on September 8. Special thanks to Maarten Schoubben who made the image.

A variety of Polish diesel power, made by Henk Zwoferink.

In 2017, the first completed trainset consisting of two Siemens Charger locomotives and four Viaggio Comfort USA coaches will enter revenue service with Brightline in Florida. The US operator will first use it on express intercity services between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. A few days ago, on September 8, the first Brightline Charger to come off the production line completed its first dynamic tests under its own power: a milestone for both Siemens and Brightline. However, this was not the only milestone of the day. After completion of the tests, Brightline officially approved series production of the remaining locomotives it has on order.

In addition to running the diesel engine for the first time, approximately 45 areas were tested on the Brightline locomotive over a three-week period. These included: functional tests of the air and braking systems; software installation for all systems; locomotive doors; fire detection systems; audible warning devices; communication systems; interior and exterior lighting; as well as empty and fully loaded weight verification.

On September 8th, Terrence Labar was able to capture VFLI E4049 at the station of Bertrix in Belgium. The locomotive is in Belgium for ETCS trials. In contrast to other VFLI EURO 4000 locomotives, E4049-4051 will be delivered with the European Train Control System on board. In late August, the locomotive first started tests on the Athus-Meuse line.

The locomotive has received InfraLeuna logos on its noses and the text 'InfraLeuna' on its sides.

(Thomas Wohlfarth / Klaus Hentschel / Daniel Berg)

On September 1, Crossrail DE 6302 had an unfortunate encounter with a truck at a level crossing in the Waaslandhaven at the Port of Antwerp. After the collision the truck caught fire, but this was put out quickly. More details about the incident on hln.be: link. A picture of the re-railing of DE 6302 can be found here: link.

(Maxim Herman)

On September 3, Nicolas Beyaert captured ECR 77003 on camera while passing Hazebrouck with three former DB Cargo Nederland Class 6400 diesel locomotives in tow. The three locomotives have been acquired by EuroTunnel, increasing its fleet of MaK locomotives to 10. The locos in question are:

0008 – ex DB-Cargo 6450
0009 – ex DB-Cargo 6451
0010 – ex DB-Cargo 6447

Locomotives 0008 and 0009 have been repainted in the orange and grey livery we know from other EuroTunnel MaK locomotives, but 0010 has received the blue and silver Europorte livery. The latter will be used for shunting purposes at the shunting yard at Calais-Fréthun. In late 2010, EuroTunnel also acquired two DE6400 locomotives from DB Cargo Nederland (then still named DB Schenker Rail Nederland): the designated 6456 and 6457, which now runs as 0006 and 0007 respectively.

More images and info abouth these locos at Loks-aus-Kiel.de.