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Freshly stickered Beacon Rail > Lineas 513-10 in front of the Tractiewerkplaats Antwerpen-Noord on May 24, 2017. Picture by Kurt Luyckx.

And that's number five. After two Class 186 electrics and two HLD 77 diesel locomotives, it was time for Class 66 locomotive 513-10 to be restyled into full Lineas livery.

InfraLeuna 247 907 on the day of its delivery to the German operator (1 May 2017) still in its original white livery. Picture by Marcel Grauke.

InfraLeuna's sole Vectron DE locomotive has been re-styled in the blue InfraLeuna color scheme and now carries internal number 251.

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On 22 May 2017, the Eemslift Hendrika arrived in the Port of Workington with new Class 68 locomotives for Beacon Rail Leasing > DRS on board. In the morning of 23 May, locos 68028-031 were unloaded.

WSDOT Charger locomotive 1403 at Seattle King Street Station on 21 May 2017. Picture by Siemens.

On 21 May 2017, the new Siemens Charger SC-44 locomotives to be operated on Amtrak's Cascades service were unveiled to the public at Seattle King Street Station. The 200 km/h locomotives comply with Tier 4 emission standards and are significantly more fuel-efficient than the locomotives currently in operation. Currently undergoing extensive testing, the locomotives are scheduled to enter service this summer.

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STRABAG Rail 741 702-5 with an engineering train in Sokolov on 21 May 2015. Picture by Aleš Bílek.

Ordered in 2010 by predecessor Viamont DSP, the four Class 741.7 locomotives currently in STRABAG Rail's fleet have been put up for sale. It concerns locos 741.702-705, which were built between 2010 and 2011.

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Recently delivered DRS 68027 sports a basic but temporary DRS livery in anticipation of receiving the Transpennine Express livery. Here it is seen passing Nottingham-Stapleford on 15 May 2017. Picture by John Whittingham.

In an interview with Rail Technology Magazine, Robin Davis, head of new feet at Transpennine Express (TPE), gave an update about the status of the new fleet for the operator. Amongst other topics, also the Class 68 locomotives were discussed, which are to be provided by Direct Rail Services (DRS) for use with CAF Mark 5A push-pull sets. Both the Class 68s and the coaches are owned by Beacon Rail Leasing.

It is stated that the first Class 68 would become available to TPE in late-May. When available, the loco would be modified to enable them to operate in push-pull mode with the CAF coaches. The modifications will be performed by Stadler at the DRS workshop in Crewe. In June, a second locomotive will follow and when the modifications to both locos are complete, they will be sent to the VUZ Velim test centre in the Czech Republic for dynamic trials with the first Mark 5A push-pull set. The coaches are expected to be complete in the third quarter of 2017.

Structurally, 14 locomotives will be in use by TPE. In an article in Rail (UK) from 8 October 2016, it is mentioned that a total of 19 locomotives will be made available for TPE services, indicating that 5 locos will be used as 'spares'. A first entry into service is expected to take place in the summer of 2018.

A new EURO 4000 livery has appeared on European rails: Medway E 5033 'Matilde' has left the Stadler works at Albuixech behind it on 20 May 2017. Picture by Gabriel Berenguer.

The title says it all. EURO 4000 locomotive 335 033-0 has been given the black and yellow Medway livery. Note that the loco also has an internal service number now (E 5033) and a name: Matilde.

The future Alpha Trains > Ibercargo Rail 335 038-9 on a test run near Benicŕssim on 17 May 2017. Picture by Jose Miralles.

In a deal closed in 2016, Ibercargo Rail and Alpha Trains have agreed upon the delivery of another two EURO 4000 locomotives that are to be leased for a five-year period. The joint venture between Comsa Rail Transport and Takargo will receive two brand new locomotives, designated 335 037-1 and 335 038-9. The two are currently nearing completion.

The two EURO 4000 locomotives further boost Alpha Trains' fleet of the type. Currently, the company is also receiving four locomotives that are to be leased to Portugal's Medway Logistics (the former CP Carga). With the 6 additional locos, the Alpha Trains EURO 4000 fleet is increased from 24 to 30.

Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Festival: DRS 88003 at the rear of 16.06 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, having worked the 13.47 from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth as its passenger debut on 18 May 2017. Picture by Patrick Perry.

DRS' Class 88 locomotives are slowly making their debut on British rails, as they have been approved for general running on the network after a period of trials. Two of the locos, 88002 and 88003, have starred on rail tours and at special occasions. The former had its debut on the Northern Bell on 9 May, while the latter attended the Severn Valley Railway Spring Diesel Gala on 18-20 May.

A short impression of 88002 from Youtube:

Some short livery news from the UK again, where Class 66 locomotive 66020 has been painted red at the DB Cargo UK workshop in Toton.

CZ LOKO 774 714-0 during a test run at Vác, Hungary on February 14, 2017. Picture by Márk Fekete.

CZ LOKO has sold its Class 774.7 diesel locomotive to Hungary's CER Cargo. The designated 774 714-0 is configured for services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. It will be delivered to the operator in late-May after some preparations are completed. Meanwhile, the locomotives has been given the blue-yellow CER Cargo livery: link.

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